Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Little of This and A Lot of That..................

Sooooooo.......................I have been trying to think of something to write since last Thursday, but I have just been drawing a complete blank! So I thought I would share a few things about how I told Nick that I was pregnant and our family also.

We had been trying since January to get pregnant and May rolled around and nothing. I thought we would just wait and see what June brought, but it turns out that God had other plans. Our 4 year anniversary was on May 17th. I had been feeling a little sluggish and really just thought it was stress from work. My sister,NOONOO, had called the day before and was telling me about a diet that she was gonna try and I told her that I had just gotten through eating a quarter pounder with cheese for lunch. She asked me if there was a "reason" that I was eating something like that and I said "no" because I thought that there was no way I could be pregnant because we were even using an ovulation kit and it didn't work. Soooooo........ on our anniversary I decided what the heck, I'll take a test and see. I did the test and thought that I would just leave it laying there, walk away for a while and then come back later. Before I could get out the bathroom there was already a plus on the test. I had to look at it a few times before I could believe my eyes. When it finally hit me, I hit my knees by the bathtub and started to praise God for His many many blessings. What a time of praise I had with Him. I could not wait till Nick got home. It was all I could do to not call him and tell him over the phone.
When he got home from work, he came around the corner with his anniversary card behind his back thinking he would beat me to the card giving. Well, needless to say, I one upped him when I pulled out the pregnancy test and showed it to him. He was shocked but he did not faint! HEHE! He was one happy "Daddy"!! We could not wait to tell, but because I couldn't get a doctors appointment for a month, we had to keep our mouths shut!

So a month went by and I went to the doctor to confirm what 5 other, yes 5 , tests had confirmed. When Nick got home from work that day we went up to his Mom and Dads to tell them the news. Of course I had to tell them because I don't think Nick could even say the words out loud. So I just went with-"I'm going to rock both of your world's with what I'm about to tell you." Before I could even say it, Tom said "Your pregnant aren't you?" I said yes and I don't think he thought that I was serious until I had to tell Sharon Yes a lot because all she could say was really? really? really? They were excited but I think Tom thinks he won't get to ride his motorcycle all that much anymore. Everyone that we told has been very excited. Of course we had already told My parents because I knew my Dad would not be home last week after I went to the doctor and I wanted to tell them at the same time.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings!! Have a blessed day! To be continued.......... I go to the doctor next Thursday and I'm sure there will be a photo to show!!!

3 blessings:

The Preacher's Wife said...

What a sweet story...YOu have no idea how excited we are for you!!

Congratulations girlfriend!!


Anonymous said...

Lissa, That is soooo Sweet! I had Glory Bumps when you told about praying at the bathtub! I totally agree that those ovulation sticks Do Not Work! You know, Britt and I tried for almost 2 years. I am still just thrilled for you both! I know you will make a wonderful Mommy! I love you girl!

NspiredByFaith said...

That story is just too sweet! To find out on your anniversary?..How cool is that!! Brace yourself for the becomes all the more real and miraculous when you see that screen and hear the heart beat. Can't wait to see the photo!