Tuesday, December 11, 2007

36 Weeks, 2 Days and Counting.........................

Well I haven't done this for a while! I must confess it all boils down to just plain laziness!!! Yesterday was the beginning of the 36 week of my pregnancy and I have to say that I have been truly blessed! I have had such an easy time. No problems....that is until last Saturday. I was on my way to work that morning when a car pulled out in front of me. Yes.....I hit her. In my brand new car....well not brand new...but 3,000 miles is brand new to me. Although I had almost come to a complete stop, I still hit her pretty hard. All I could do was just sit in my car and wonder to myself, "What am I supposed to do?" I finally called Nick and told him where I was, called work to tell them I would be late, THEN I called the cops. When I finally got out of the car to see the damage to my car the lady from the other car was walking towards me. I have to say that I was kind of surprised at what I was fixing to encounter.

This lady was from Thailand. In my wee little town of maybe 2000 people....a lady from Thailand. I'll say it again. A lady from Thailand! How in the world she found my little town, I don't know! All I know is that she wrecked my car and she didn't have a drivers license. She only had papers from Thailand.

Yes it was a little foggy at this time, but I saw her a mile away and she waited until I got to her to decide she would pull out. And when she did pull out she did not push the gas pedal! If she would have just done that, this would not have happened. This ladies husband, I guess, came to check on her and then asked me how I was and my reply was this, "I'm 36 weeks pregnant, how do you think I am?" I must admit now that I think about the way I replied to him, it wasn't very nice. But to my credit I was scared to death.

So the cop Dennis, who has now become my hero, wrote the report up and sent us on our way. I went on to work where I called my doctor and she told me that I should go on to the hospital just to make sure that there was nothing wrong with Andrew. Of course I tried to talk her out of making me go until after work but I did not win that fight.

So I preceded to the hospital to be checked out. Come to find out, I was having contractions and I had no clue. My lower back was hurting but I thought it was because I was tense from the wreck. WRONG. Then again, I have never been pregnant so I had no clue what a contraction even felt like. So I spent the whole day in the hospital, but was released that night and told to take it easy for the weekend and to go for a check up on Monday.

Now for the results: I'm now dilated to 1 cm and hoping that it stays that way for a while! At least a couple more weeks. I need more time to get everything ready! I'm sooo not done with all the things that I need to do!

Well I will stop complaining and continue to thank the Lord for all His many blessings in life.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I've been tagged.........

Dear Brooke......Thank you for tagging me. Now I have something to blog about! :-)

1. Four jobs I've had in my life.........

  • Babysitting off and on...was my earliest job.
  • Wal-mart.....I worked as a cashier. It was not my favorite place to work!
  • The Pharmacy in my wee little town.......My dream job.....well not really but I enjoy everything about my job. I am a pharmacy technician, but if you ask my co-workers I should be a pharmacist. I can't imagine working anywhere else!
  • I have only had 3 jobs in my life.....

2. Four movies I can watch over and over.......

  • My all time favorite is Dirty Dancing.
  • Sweet Home Alabama....probably because McDreamy is in it.
  • Apollo 13....because I love anything to do with space travel.
  • The Wedding Planner....Yes....it's because Matthew McConaughey is in it!

3. Four shows I watch on t.v.......

  • Grey's Anatomy....remember McDreamy?
  • 24.....you've got to love that!
  • E.R.
  • House........It's one of my very favorites!!!!

4. Four places I have vacationed.........

  • Nova Scotia.......we went on a cruise there...would have been beautiful if it did not rain!
  • Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • Gulf Shores, AL
  • Gatlinburg, TN......yes I know....I don't get out much!

5. Four of my favorite dishes.........

  • Pizza
  • Salmon, Biscuits, and Gravy.......yum yum yum
  • Macaroni & Cheese.......my ultimate favorite food and the one thing that I am craving during my pregnancy!!!!!!!
  • Buttermilk Pie....my grandmother makes the best!!

6. Four places I'd rather be..........

  • Hawaii....but you can forget that with a baby on the way! :-)
  • At home in the bed....I can't get enough sleep!
  • Egypt....Someday I'm going to see all of those pyramids.
  • Auburn.......to see my best friend Aimee, but I get to go there next Saturday. Does it still count????

That was really hard for me, Brooke! It took me forever to think of this stuff. :-) But Thanks again for tagging me!!! I guess I am supposed to tag someone else and the only one left that I know that maybe hasn't been tagged is Deedra at NSpiredbyFaith! Have fun with it!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It has been one week since I have posted and I have to say that things are quite better around here. No wrecks and no forged prescriptions.

I am thankful for such an easy pregnancy. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to not have any problems whatsoever. 27 weeks and counting...................

I am thankful for a wonderful hubby who takes such good care of me. I can't wait to see him as a Daddy.

I am thankful for my Awana kids who are all pretty awesome. They were sooooo good last night.

I am thankful for my wonderful helper Jenny who without her this year might make me a little looney!

I am thankful for wonderful co-workers who make me enjoy going to work!!

I am thankful for my church and my church family!

I am thankful for our Pastor and his wife for all the things that they do for our church! Thank you for all that you do!!!!!

I am thankful for The Mail Girl and her blog because I need all the laughs that I can get!! Thanks Brooke!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I already miss my Dave Ramsey class! LOL!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

First of all I have to say that I am thankful to be alive today. I was awaken by a phone call this morning from my boss that said he had been in a car accident and to go to the drug store and tell any customer why we would be opening a little late. First of all, I wasn't even supposed to be at work. It was my day off. Second, I had to call the relief pharmacist and tell her to come as quick as she could to open the store. When we finally got in the store we had to have a girl arrested for forging a prescription. Apparently she did not see the news or read any newspapers last week, because we arrested someone last week for the same thing. Boy has it been a day............. By the way my boss is okay. He has a lot of soreness but other than that he is okay. As for his car........Totaled. As for being tired I will be okay. I guess that's griping a little too much. I am just thankful my boss is okay!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a What?????????????????

First of all I just have to say that I knew that I was having a boy. Most ladies that I have talked to say that they dream of what sex their baby will be and I have to say that it is true. While I have only had 1 dream about my baby I still believe it was the Lord telling me what it is. Of course Nick will have to tell you that he thought it was a girl. He was going off of old wives tales and other things. Apparently I am not the ordinary pregnant lady.

When Dr. Pegram started the sonogram yesterday I could already tell that it was a boy. Nick still thought it was a girl up till the point the Dr. told us otherwise. The doctor had to check all different kinds of measurements so it took a little while for him to get to what sex it was. Apparently my child likes to show his tooshie and I mean a lot. My Dr. said that he has never seen one that would just shove its tooshie like that at the camera. I told the Dr. he must be just like his Daddy, he likes to show his butt. HEHEHEHE. There is not doubt it is a boy. So I do not think we will be getting any surprises at the birth of my baby.

Although my hubby did confiscate my cell phone,(he actually left it at home!!) he took me out to eat afterwards for a nice supper. So I don't guess it was too bad. :-) We had to go to Wal-Mart for a few items and low and behold Nick's sister and her husband just so happened to be there. Of course we ran in to them and Lacey followed me around saying stuff like,"Just say g or b." or " Pink or blue." Nick did not want to tell anyone until we told his parents. So I told Lacey that all I knew for her to do was to be at her mom's house when we got there. We had to drop some groceries off at our house before we went there. I had time to grab my phone and call my Dad and tell him. He said,"You fooled us all. We thought it was a girl." By then Lacey had made it to her mom's and was there waiting to here the news with her parents. They were all a bit surprised. They all thought it was a girl even though Nick's dad said he thought it was a boy.

We then went to my mother's house where my 2 sisters and 2 nephews were waiting anxiously for us to get there. I took a poll of what they thought it was. Alex said girl. Dakota said boy. NooNoo, Vickie and my mother all said girl. I just looked at Dakota and said,"Looks like your the only one who got it right." He said, "I knew it. I'm not stupid." Alex has been telling me from the beginning that he thought it was a girl and that we should name her Alexandria. I think he wanted it named after him.?.?. Then I just had to start calling and texting everybody I knew and tell them. Needless to say Nick was sick and tired of my cell phone come the end of the day. I told him it was important news. I had to spread it.

I did not get a great shot of him. But the Dr. did print one of his face up close. So I hope you can make it out. You can already tell he has his Daddy's chin. :-)

This is Andrew Thomas

Thursday, September 20, 2007

News Flash...........................

It's A Boy!!

Thankful Thursday

Today, first of all, I just have to say that I am thankful that today is the baby's next photo shoot. We are supposed to find out what the sex of our baby is today. God willing that the baby cooperates!! :-)

Next I just have to praise the Lord for the healing of precious baby Emma who, come to find out, does NOT have cancer and for that we thank you Lord for miracles. What a relief for that family.

I am also thankful that my hubby has decided, just last night, that he would let me tell whoever I wanted as long as he got to tell his parents first. I find that to be absolutely fine with me as long as I get to tell everybody else. :-) For this I am truly thankful!!!!!!!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED.......................................... after the baby's photo shoot!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Time Tomorrow.......................

This time tomorrow I will be on my way to the doctors appointment. I can not wait if you haven't noticed!! So if you think of it tomorrow say a little prayer for us. Especially for me because I am going to have a hard time keeping a secret. And for those of you who know me, I am not the best at keeping secrets when it comes to my baby. Although I should get kudos for not telling anyone I was pregnant for almost 2 months. That is if you don't count my sister NOONOO. Maybe I should say pray for Nick to let me tell everybody. HEHE!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 More Days and Counting..................

There are only 2 more days before I go to the doctor to find out the sex of our precious baby!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day since I found out I was pregnant! The only problem is getting my hubby to let me tell anyone what it is. I am still trying to persuade him that it's just the right thing to do--to TELL. Shout it from the mountain tops! :) I'm not sure I can get out of the doctors office without sending 100 text messages. I presume he will confiscate my phone!! :-) I may have to put up one heck of a fight. So until then........................ unless I remember to blog before Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Prayer Answered By God..........

As many of you know I am pregnant and I am anxiously awaiting the ultrasound next week to see if we are having a girl or a boy! But I have to tell you I got a little scared about being pregnant lately. There is a couple in our church who has a 6 week old precious baby girl named Emma. This past week they found a mass on her leg and took her to the doctor who immediately prepared them for the worst. They used the "c" word. The scariest word in the world!! They thought that this little baby girl had cancer. Now, I know what it is like to have someone tell me that my mom has cancer but I cannot imagine them telling me my precious baby has cancer. You immediately think the worst! Well I have to tell you that I have felt a little guilty lately about my pregnancy as a whole because it has been soooo easy for me. No sickness, no nothing. Easy as pie. Yet there are others who have to go through so much to have a child. My sweet hubby Nick keeps telling me that it is a true blessing that I have had it this easy. Yes......I know that but I can't help feeling a bit guilty. Last Sunday our church prayed as a whole body that this baby be healed and I just have to tell you that I have never in my life felt as though I knew Miss Emma would be healed of this. I have prayed sooooo much for her because I cannot imagine what treatment for someone so little would be like. Tonight during our Dave Ramsey class my mom called to tell me that Miss Emma does not, and I repeat DOES NOT, have cancer. I cannot tell you how I felt when I heard those words. Of course I had to finish class first but on my way home there was a praise fest in my car. GOD IS SOOOOOO GREAT! There is absolutely nothing He cannot do!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

2 More Weeks and Counting...................

Well.........I only have to wait 2 more weeks before I find out what the sex of our baby is. I just can't wait. I was afraid when I went to the doctor yesterday that he would tell me that I had to wait 4 more weeks to find out. Nick has decided that he does not want to tell anybody what it is and I told him there was no way that I would be able to keep that secret. So I guess we will see who wins that argument. All of my tests that they did, like for downs syndrome and others, came back negative. So that was great news to hear! Plus, I haven't gained but 2 or 3 pounds. Anyways if you don't hear from me for 2 weeks it's probably because I have forgotten to blog because I have lost my brain apparently. I can't seem to find it anywhere! :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

I Can't Believe IT or Can I?

I have to say that I have been impressed with my 6 year old nephew lately. He came home everyday last week and told us he stayed on green and was good everyday. Needless to say I was very surprised, that is until I got a phone call from my sister this afternoon. Turns out Alex came home everyday and lied to us about how good he was being at school. The teacher sent out his conduct report today which told the truth. We were all fooled. :-) I don't know why he lied. Although he did tell me that he was afraid he would be grounded if his momma found out. Well he was right. Who am I to judge? I remember lying to my parents about things when I was younger. I'm not proud of it but I am just as guilty as he is. What makes children do this? No one has lied to him about anything that I know of. And I'm not sure that he knows what lying is? If he didn't, he does now! I guess I have a lot to learn! Maybe I can teach my children not to and just pray that they don't! Kinda makes me glad that I did not report on him sooner on my blog. I would have to print a retraction! HE HE!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Gift For Baby

The above is a photo of a blessed gift that my 6 year old nephew Alex decided to hand down to our precious baby. I bought these "Muddy Boots" for my oldest nephew Dakota when he was probably 3 years old. My hubby Nick and I bought these because we were all the time taking him riding four wheelers and doing all kinds of things that required "Muddy Boots." So as Dakota got older and grew out of them along came Alex and so they were handed down to him. He thought they were the coolest thing he had ever seen. I really think the reason he liked them was because nobody had to tie them. He could just slide them on. Anyways when he found out that I was pregnant he decided he would hand them down to my baby. If you could have just seen him walk in the door with these little "Muddy Boots" in his hands and tell me he had bought the baby a present. Well--it touched my heart. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I just love my nephews. I have so much love for these 2 boys as if they were my own. I can only imagine what I will feel for my own children.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my air conditioner. Boy has it been hot!! ( That sounds so selfish I know!)

2. I am thankful for our precious baby who is growing everyday! I finally felt it move last week. It's soooooo amazing!

3. I am thankful for such a wonderful hubby. He has been sooooo good to me lately. Helping with the laundry and keeping the house clean.

4. I am thankful for wonderful co-workers who also take real good care of me!!

5. I am thankful for my 2 nephews who have not been in trouble at school so far. It's a miracle!!

6. I am thankful to be back blogging! I forgot how fun it is!!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I Have Been Up To For A Month

Apparently I have become a little lazy, maybe crazy, now that I am pregnant. I just feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I need to do. While I have been away from blog land I have done several things. I went on our Church's mission trip that we have taken for the last 2 years to Montgomery to teach VBS and do all kinds of other things. I just have to tell you that I had a blast while we were there. My little buddy that I always have a blast with was saved and that was the biggest blessing that I received while we were gone. I have to tell you that being outside in the 100 degree weather will reek havoc on a pregnant lady. I was so exhausted. I was very lucky that I only got sick one time but that's because I ate shrimp the night before and I don't believe that this child likes seafood.

Anyways, Nick and I have also started a class, Financial Peace University, at church by Dave Ramsey. I have to tell you that his method works if you stick to to because we did his budget last year and it worked well for us. I don't know why we stopped. Nick tells me that we are taking this class for me because apparently he doesn't think I handle money really well. I tell him that I have come a long way since we got married and he should be thankful that I save money now because I was a spender before we were married!!! Yippee!! Sometimes I think Dave Ramsey is crazy, but I enjoy going to class because of all the other couples that are in there!!

I also went back to the doctor for what I thought was going to be another ultrasound and come to find out, when we got there, they weren't going to do one. I was so disappointed that we did not find out what the sex of the baby was. Come to find out we just misunderstood the doctor at the last appointment. So I go back to the doctor on Sept. 6th and he won't do another ultrasound until I am at least 23 weeks. At my next appointment I will be 22 weeks! I'm on the verge of just not finding out what it is!!!

My promise is to start blogging regularly from now on! But don't shoot me if I don't!! HEHE! :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. Today I am thankful that my husband did not get called in to work at 12:00 a.m. He is still totally exhausted from having to work Tuesday from 12 to 3 p.m. I'm not sure if he will catch back up on his sleep.

2. I am thankful for our precious baby. (scroll down a few a couple of posts to see a photo) Believe you me, before I have this baby you will be sick of looking at it!! :)

3. I am thankful for a very understanding boss who let me come in an hour late to work today because apparently my body was just informed that I was pregnant because I was very nauseated this morning. But I did not throw up because I just don't do that. So I'm hoping that it was just a one time thing!!!

4. I am thankful that our mission trip is next week. I am so excited about going back to see all of those precious kids!!

5. I am thankful for a loving God who has truly blessed Nick and I with this baby! I can't wait until January.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. Today I have to say that I am most thankful for our precious baby!! (See photo below!)

2. I am thankful that my migraine headache has gone away. Now that I am pregnant I can't take my special meds.

3. I am thankful for all the rain that we have been getting.

4. I am thankful for our garden that is doing very well now because of all the rain. It is also keeping fresh food on our table.

5. I am thankful for Thankful Thursday because it reminds me that I should be thankful for lots of things and not to take them for granted.

6. I am thankful for friends and family.

7. I am thankful for my wonderful hubby who loves me no matter what! I love you!!!!!

8. I am thankful that I have not had the first sign of morning sickness and I pray that I never do!!! Thank you Lord!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Baby Pictures

Here is our precious baby!! Sorry it took sooooo long for me to post. I guess I was a little tired after vacation. Actually, probably a little lazy!! They moved my due date up 2 weeks. I am at 14 weeks today and counting . Our new due date is January 7th. I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On Vacation............................

I am leaving to go to the river Wednesday morning so I will not be here for Thankful Thursday, but I just want everyone to know that I am thankful that:

1. Thursday is Nick's birthday!! Happy Birthday!! I am thankful most for you!!!!

2. Thursday is our first ultrasound!! We are sooooo excited!! Please pray that all is well with our baby!! I will post a photo as soon as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. And finally, I am thankful that I do not have to go back to work until next Tuesday!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Fourth of July and please be safe!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. First of all, I am thankful for a loving and giving Lord who loves Nick and I enough to give or bless up with a child.

2. I am thankful for a hubby who even though he had a terrible day at work on Tuesday, he still cared enough to fold some towels so I wouldn't have to do it!! Thank You!!

3. I am thankful for thepreachers-wife and nspiredbyfaith who make me laugh on a daily basis.

4. I am thankful that my vacation is next week and even though we are just going to the river I will be so glad to be away from the pharmacy. We also go for our first ultrasound on the 5th, so I can't wait!!

5. I am thankful for Luke 1:37--Nothing is impossible with God!! Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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**Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Prayer Request

I just received a phone call from my dear friend Ducks and Books, aka Jenny, who asked that I pray for one of her daughters KayLee. If you have read her blog you know that this precious one is suffering from another UTI. Jenny was able to move her doctors appointment to today. I ask that you please pray for this precious baby girl that God will heal her and the doctors can find the true cause of all these infections and stop them from coming back!! Their appointment is at 1:oo.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Little of This and A Lot of That..................

Sooooooo.......................I have been trying to think of something to write since last Thursday, but I have just been drawing a complete blank! So I thought I would share a few things about how I told Nick that I was pregnant and our family also.

We had been trying since January to get pregnant and May rolled around and nothing. I thought we would just wait and see what June brought, but it turns out that God had other plans. Our 4 year anniversary was on May 17th. I had been feeling a little sluggish and really just thought it was stress from work. My sister,NOONOO, had called the day before and was telling me about a diet that she was gonna try and I told her that I had just gotten through eating a quarter pounder with cheese for lunch. She asked me if there was a "reason" that I was eating something like that and I said "no" because I thought that there was no way I could be pregnant because we were even using an ovulation kit and it didn't work. Soooooo........ on our anniversary I decided what the heck, I'll take a test and see. I did the test and thought that I would just leave it laying there, walk away for a while and then come back later. Before I could get out the bathroom there was already a plus on the test. I had to look at it a few times before I could believe my eyes. When it finally hit me, I hit my knees by the bathtub and started to praise God for His many many blessings. What a time of praise I had with Him. I could not wait till Nick got home. It was all I could do to not call him and tell him over the phone.
When he got home from work, he came around the corner with his anniversary card behind his back thinking he would beat me to the card giving. Well, needless to say, I one upped him when I pulled out the pregnancy test and showed it to him. He was shocked but he did not faint! HEHE! He was one happy "Daddy"!! We could not wait to tell, but because I couldn't get a doctors appointment for a month, we had to keep our mouths shut!

So a month went by and I went to the doctor to confirm what 5 other, yes 5 , tests had confirmed. When Nick got home from work that day we went up to his Mom and Dads to tell them the news. Of course I had to tell them because I don't think Nick could even say the words out loud. So I just went with-"I'm going to rock both of your world's with what I'm about to tell you." Before I could even say it, Tom said "Your pregnant aren't you?" I said yes and I don't think he thought that I was serious until I had to tell Sharon Yes a lot because all she could say was really? really? really? They were excited but I think Tom thinks he won't get to ride his motorcycle all that much anymore. Everyone that we told has been very excited. Of course we had already told My parents because I knew my Dad would not be home last week after I went to the doctor and I wanted to tell them at the same time.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings!! Have a blessed day! To be continued.......... I go to the doctor next Thursday and I'm sure there will be a photo to show!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thankful Thursday

First of all, I just have to say that I am thankful for everything. I mean it-everything!

I am thankful that I can finally tell people that I am pregnant! Yes- PREGNANT!
Can you believe it?????? I am 9 weeks and counting. We go for our first ultrasound on July 5th which, by the way, is Daddy Nick's birthday. What a day that will be!!!
I can only keep a secret for so long!!

Thank you Lord for your many blessings!!!

Have a blessed day!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful that I am able to write my thankful list this week. I was way to busy last week with VBS and other things.

2. I am thankful that I got a haircut today. I was looking a little bushy!

3. I am thankful for my wonderful hubby!! I Love You!!!!!!

4. I am thankful for great co-workers who make my job easier these days!!

5. I am thankful for my sisters: Vickie and NooNoo! I love you both very much!!

6. I am thankful for wonderful parents. My mom's birthday falls on fathers day this year sooooo Happy Birthday, a little early!

7. And last but not least, (probably should have put this at #1), I am thankful for Jesus Christ!! Who reminds me everyday that He loves me more each day and forgives me no matter what!!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Well I have been gone for quite a while, but only to get a lot of things done that needed to be done. I had to prepare for VBS and what a task this year was to me. Everything turned out so well and I sort of miss it already!! I just love being around my kids and watching them learn all kinds of things!! Especially all the songs and the moves that go along with them. To tell the truth it's my favorite thing to do!! :-) Take a look at my photos and of course it is of them dancing!! HEHE!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful that God sent His Son to die on a cross for me. Without Him I would be, well I don't know where I would be.

2. I am thankful for such a loving husband who is willing to help me teach VBS this year.

3. I am thankful that this is my last day of work this week. I have got so many things to do to get ready for VBS.

4. I am thankful for my Uncle R. He is in the process of making a deal for my Hubby and I a new vehicle and I really appreciate all he is doing and has done for me!!

5. I am thankful for Bro. L. and L. and for all they have done and continue to do at our church! By the way L. you did and excellent job with AWANA this year. I am so looking forward to next year!!

6. I am thankful for my wonderful sister NooNoo! :-) She came and washed my car and even vacuumed it out so my uncle could take it to the dealership!! How many sisters do you know that would do that for you??

7. I am thankful for my alarm clock! I got up early enough to post this before I went to work! :-)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Could you repeat that please???????

The other day my hubby had to go for his yearly check up to make sure that his blood pressure was still under control. FYI.................. About a year ago he thought he was having a heart attack and we had to take him to a doctor where they said that all was wrong was that his blood pressure was too high. So they sent him off with a prescription for some meds and told him to get another check-up in a week with his regular doctor which we did not have at the time. So I made an appointment with a local doctor here in our wee little town and come to find out his heart skips a beat. So he had to go for all these tests and they eventually just put him on a mild blood pressure med and that has worked thus far. Sooooooooooo back to the other day......... He went for his check up and they found that his cholesterol was too high. May I remind you he is only 26. They told him to cut out the red meat and of course that is not an option for him because he can't live without it! We were discussing with his mother about how his doctors appointment went and how the doctor told him that he needed to cut out the red meats. His Dad was listening to our conversation and I could tell that he was wanting to say something and low and behold this is what he told my hubby to do.... "If you would just cook the meat a little longer then the doctor would leave you alone!" Talk about hilarious!! He won't live that down for a while. But if it weren't for him I would be the only one with stupid outbursts. HEHEHEHE.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Lacey!!!

Today is my sister-in-laws, Lacey, 21st birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

~Thankful Thursday~

1. I am thankful, sooooo thankful, for such a wonderful hubby!! He has done so much for me lately. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

2. I am thankful for my precious treasure-my Bible. It has the answers for everthing!

3. I am thankful for our garden. Everything is growing so well even though it hasn't rained lately. I ate some lettuce from it yesterday. That's some good stuff.

4. I am thankful for the flowers that are blooming in my yard. I got most of them from my precious Grandmother and I am just glad that I haven't killed them!

5. This may sound mean but I'm glad that my boss is gone on vacation! Only because I get to work with my good friend Michelle!!

6. I am thankful today is the last day of school for my nephews. I am looking forward to getting to spend more time with them.

7. I am very thankful for our families. To share things with, to laugh, to cry, just to do whatever!

8. Lastly, I am thankful for my wonderful sister NooNoo! I am glad that you know what I know!! :-) I love sharing things with you!!! And YES, I call you NooNoo on my blog!!! HeHe!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alex Is Finally Graduating!!!

My nephew Alex is finally graduating from Kindergarten. He has been good for 4 weeks now! No paddlings! YEAH!! He will not have a formal graduation, which I can not believe. I guess his school doesn't think it's a big thing anymore. But we decided to throw him a party tonight. He got a cake with his name on it and some ice cream also. So I guess you could say he had a blast.So here is a photo of him in his cap and gown. He looks like a professor!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

~8 Things You May Not Know About Me~

I was tagged by Suzanne at http://trulycaptivating.com/ to do the 8 things you may not know about me. Sooooooooooooo here goes............................

1. I am a total "I Love Lucy" freak!!!! I have barbie dolls, DVDs, you name it I've got it!!

2. I played the clarinet in my high school band, but I bet if I tried to play it now it would be the worst music you have ever heard.

3. I am a writing pen-oholic. If I see a pen that I do not have I have to buy it. OCD I know!!

4. I love cows!!! My kitchen is decorated with many many cows. I even have a 30 pound cast iron cow in my kitchen floor!! I actually weighed it!!!

5. I can not sleep touching my hubby. I hate it when he invades my space while I'm trying to go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle but when it is time to go night night, I sat get away. He also snores and that drives me insane!!!

6. I can burp my ABC's! Yes, I know that is totally gross, but it is true!!

7. I do not wear make-up at all. I hate it. Plus it makes my face break out and I am to lazy to put it on.

8. And finally, I still collect beanie babies. (YUCK!) Not as much as I used to but still some. I probably have about 600. I know-STUPID!! I'm a collector of many things!! I can't help it! I already told you I had OCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My list is finished and I hope that you enjoyed it, maybe just a little bit. I think I am to tag 8 other people but I think everyone has already done it. But If you have not participated do it and let me know that your doing it so I can check your list !!!! I also posted some photos to help tell my story! HeHe!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

*Fabulous Friday*

Today so far has been one fabulous day. When I got to work I found a card with my name on it. It was from my dear friend Christina. It was for mine and Nick's anniversary. I just want to thank her for it and let her know how sweet she is!! She wrote how she hoped to be married next year on the same day so we could share the same anniversary. That would be most excellent!!!!!

Anyways, tonight is the Ladies Banquet at our church. I am so excited to hear our Pastor's wife, Lisa, speak! Let me tell you- she has such a special gift!! I can't wait. Please pray for her as she teaches us! God is going to use her in a mighty mighty way. I know she will do an awesome job!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. Today, first of all, it is our 4 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am truly blessed to have such a loving hubby!!! He is the greatest. He has put up with me this long!! For that I am Very Thankful!!!!!

2. I am thankful that I am saved. I am a child of God and no one can take that from me.

3. I am thankful that I did not have any cavities today when I went to the dentist!!!!

4. I am thankful that I am off from work today.

5. I am thankful for nspiredbyfaith who wanted others to read my blog!! I really appreciate it!!!!

6. I am thankful that my mother-in-law is okay after having a cyst, however you spell it, cut from her knee today.

7. I am thankful that my nephew Alex has been good at school for the last 2 & 1/2 weeks!! (There are only a few days of school left!!!!!!!!)

8. I am thankful for a boss who treats me with the respect that all people deserve.

9. I am very very thankful for Jenny!! You know who you are and why!!! :-) I told you yesterday!! HeHe!

10. I am thankful for my Awana kids. Yesterday was our last meeting till school starts back in the fall. I hope they still want to come on Wednesday nights and participate in other things!!!

11. I am thankful that tomorrow is the ladies banquet at our church. Plus, my favorite speaker will be speaking! Lisa- I Love You!!!! But, hey, you already know that!!! :-)

12. Last, but not least, I am thankful that my wonderful hubby is going to take care of our nephews, Dakota & Alex, so their mommy can come and enjoy the banquet also!!!!!

*If you would like to participate please go to Sting My Heart to join in!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

*Memories* *Funny Memories*

So I had a little extra time on my hands today between work and getting things ready for VBS when something came across the Fox News Channel that made me think of a "memory" that happened to My sister NooNoo and I probably about 10 years ago. Bare with me as I tell this story.

If I could go back in time and change my profession, I would probably be a police officer. Other than carrying a gun (which we do keep in our house, because we have our share of nut cases that live around our home) which would be cool, I know for a fact that I could catch any criminal that tried to mess with my Daddy's tool box. I'll get back to the tool box in a moment.

You see, when I still lived at home with my parents, all kinds of things happened at our home that in our little town should never never happen!! On occasion the average escape convict would get loose and end up behind our home, I guess because of all the woods there were to hide in. Also, one day when my sister was a senior in high school, she had come home sick from school and got out of her car leaving her purse, the keys to the car,(stupid) and all her cheerleading uniforms and school books in it and forgot to go back and get it all out before going to bed that night. During the night sometime, 2 men stole her car, after slashing the tires on my other sister Vickie's car and on my Moms car. Talk about scary!

Anyways, back to my Dad's tool box. Going back approximately 10 years or so, my sister NooNoo and I were left at home one Sunday morning to get ready to go to a family reunion while my Mother went to Sunday School to teach her class. I had just gotten through washing my hair and NooNoo was still in the bed. I was in the living room watching T.V. when I heard a van pull in the driveway. I looked out the window and saw a man get out of the van and walk towards our garage. At this time we did not have an electric garage door opener and so the door never got pulled down if someone was at home. I guess we were to lazy. So I went to the door that leads into the garage from the living room and heard the man knock on the door that went into the utility room, which by the way, no one ever uses. I looked out the window of that door just in time to see the man pick up my Dad's tool box that probably weighed 100 pounds or so and walk off with it, load it into the van, and take off.

Just then the cop in me (hehe) ran to my sisters room and got her up. Told her what had just happened and what happened next should never never happen. Call the cops if this ever happens to you!! She said, "What should we do?" I said, "Let's go get it back! If we just call the cops we will never see Dad's tools again!" To my surprise, we got in the car and the next thing I know we are chasing this van up the road. Our plan was to just get their tag number and take it to the police station and let them handle it. But the burglar had other plans.

I guess he noticed we were following him because we no more than got a couple of miles up the road when he pulled over. Yikes!!!! My sister pulled up next to the van in the middle of the road and in a not so nice manner asked the man to bring back my Dad's tool box. I was in the passenger seat closest to the van and all I could think about was, he is gonna pull a gun and I'll be the first to die! Well I guess the good Lord was watching over us, even though we had skipped church that Sunday, because that man turned his van around and followed us back to our house. Still, I guess we thought this to be a good idea. When we returned home I went in the house to get the phone ready to dial our neighbors number just in case something happened(once again-this is stupid). He gave a story about how some man told him to stop by our house and pick up these tools, it was his payment for some work he had done on a tractor. Lie, Lie, Lie. I believe because there was a woman in the van with him that he did not try to hurt us. He even helped put the tool box back on the shelf. After he left, my sister and I got ready to go and waited on our Mother to get home so we could go to the reunion.

Gosh, when she found out what had happened, she was in hysterics. She could not believe that we did such a thing. We got our things together and headed to the reunion which was at the park in our little town, which is also next to the police department. My Mom decided to stop by and tell them what had happened and they seemed to not want to do anything about it. So we went to the park to be with our family when low and behold the cops showed up to take our statement. What a spectacle we were. All for a tool box. But it was my Dad's tool box is what we kept telling everybody. He took all of our information, which the description of the guy I gave was that he looked like my, then, brother-in-law. My sister said that it was probably not a good idea to tell them that. It's pretty funny now that I think about it. About a month later they caught those people and they went to jail! Wahoo!! Told you it was quite a story. So never and I mean never chase the bad guys for yourself. We just were lucky and got a nice burglar. If there is such a thing. My Dad was very appreciative but still a little mad because of how we got it back! HeHe!

FYI....this certain tool box of my Dad's is bolted to his work bench. If someone wants to steal it now they will have to work a whole lot harder to get.

Monday, May 14, 2007

*Saturday's Rock*

Check out the photos!!!!! What a BLAST!!!!!

We had a wonderful time at the river this weekend. Of course we had to clean up the place first before we could go and play. It was the first trip over this year and boy was it a mess. I have never raked sooooooo many pine needles in my life. Anyways, once we were through cleaning up the yard and the cabin we set out on the boat and jet ski to have a little (a lot) more fun the rest of the afternoon. Several of the "kids" that were with us (only 1 was under 15) rode the inner tube (not me-I'm to old-maybe just to chicken). My brother-in-law Jeremy had a rough time on it. He fell off a many of times, but he had a blast. My hubby complained about being so sore after riding the tube. I told him he was getting to old to ride it. He is such a kid at heart that I don't believe he will ever quit doing kiddy things. But I love him for that child like nature!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

*Thankful Thursday*

1. Today I am thankful that this is my last day of work this week!! I am burnt out!
Don't get me wrong, I love my JOB!!

2. I am thankful for a loving God who forgives me no matter what.

3. I am thankful for a loving hubby who loves me unconditionally. No questions asked! I am thankful that he gets involved at our church and helps me teach Awana and he is going to help me with VBS this year!!!

4. I am thankful for our Pastor and his family! They are wonderful people. I am thankful also for a wonderful church family!!

5. I am thankful for our families and the love they have for each other.

6. I am thankful for my friends: Aimee, Christina, Erica, & Michelle. They make me laugh even in the worst of times! Plus I get to work with 3 of them.

7. I am thankful for my sister NooNoo and the relationship that we have now. We are best buds.

8. I am thankful for precious nephews who can make me laugh at anything. :)

9. I am thankful that I am alive and able to share my list with you!!

10. I am thankful that we are getting to go to the river this weekend!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

*Maybe Just Maybe!*

It seems as though my nephew Alex has decided to be good for the rest of the year at school! HALLELUJAH!!! He got all smiley faces last week and is starting this week off on the right foot with one!! :) Although, he had one little mishap while he was gone to the river with his Auntie NooNoo and Uncle Jason. He says he is innocent of any wrong doing, of course, but the adults seem to think other wise. HeHe! It seems that while Auntie NooNoo and Uncle Jason were fishing, Alex got mad because they would not let him cast the reel. He got really mad, I guess, because as pay back he decided to get the key for the boat and try to throw it overboard. Luckily, Jason happened to catch him before the key was baptized. He then got into a lot of trouble. Acting the way Alex always does when he does not get his way, he proceeds to whine, whine, whine. Well, knowing that spanking him doesn't seem to phase him, his Uncle Jason, who had just finished reeling in a fish, took that fish and stuck it in his mouth! LOL! As Alex says-"It was still alive! Tail flopping and everything!" Needless to say that stopped him dead in his tracks. He did not know how to react! If I would have been there, I would have taken a picture!! HeHe!! We asked him what that fish tasted like and he said-" Like a rotten egg!" I have no idea how he knows what a rotten egg tastes like either.
Anyways, later that day, Auntie NooNoo brought Alex back home about the time Nick and I had decided to take my other nephew, Dakota, to our house to play. Of course we had just found out that he had been good all week last week, so we decided to take him along with us. Of course there were no mouths full of fish at our house, but they did get to go swimming in our pond. They absolutely had a blast. Of course the people driving by probably thought we were crazy, but then who cares! They were having fun!!! :) So we continue to try and bribe Alex to be good because his Uncle Nick is going to buy him a sling shot if he is good the rest of the year. Yeah-I know-that is the last thing he needs. But he will be under Uncle Nick supervision. :) There is only a couple of weeks left, so maybe he can do it!! MAYBE!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

**In Loving Memory**

My Granddaddy passed away on this day 2 years ago. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was still here. This photo is one of my most favorites. It was rare that my 2 sisters were not in a photo with me. So I feel pretty lucky to have this most sacred photo of just the 2 of us. Of course this photo is from the early 80's. :-) He would have been 92 years old this year. He was in World War II. So he had seen a lot in his lifetime. I just hope that I am so lucky as to make it to my 90's. I miss him so much. He was the GREATEST!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

To one of the most important people in my life-my DAD-Happy Birthday!! I love you very much.

My Dad is a truck driver. He works in Mississippi and lives there most of the time. Our family lives in Alabama. It is a 4 hour trip to his apartment there. It really stinks that he was unable to come home this week. I really miss him. Especially on his birthday. Which by the way he is 63 and he completely forgot that it was his special day. He does not look 63 to me. :) So hopefully he had a great day,(in Mississippi), and when he comes home next week we will have a huge party.!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I learned tonight at our Awana club meeting that you can never be to sure of yourself. I just thought I had everything under control, boy was I wrong. Kids are to unpredictable. Anyways, I guess I should be thankful that they still come and that they want to learn about Jesus. To those certain persons who helped me out tonight, you know who you are, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is good-All the time. All the time-God is good.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

*All About My Nephews*

I love my nephews with all my heart. They should have been my kids. :) Dakota is 9 and Alex is 6. My family and I used to think that Dakota would always be the one who got in trouble all of the time,(don't get me wrong, he still gets in trouble sometimes) but as they say "God broke the mold when He made Alex." He may be only 6 and one of the cutest kids on earth, but man can he get in trouble. He started kindergarten this year and the first week of school he got 2 paddleings from the principle. Yes, 2 the first week of school!! One was for hiding under the teachers desk and not coming out from under it. I still laugh when I think about it. Those of you who know him, know that he is one tough puppy! We call him Spiderman because he can climb up the front of the refrigerator with no help. He is so strong just to be 6. Anyways, school is about to be finished and he is up to a grand total of 25 paddleings. Yes, 25!!!!! I think he might have the world record! :) He gets them for not minding. That is all. His excuse is: "I don't know how to mind" or "It's to hard to mind." Yes he does know how to mind. I don't have a problem with him minding at my house. You think the teachers would try something else besides giving him a paddleing. Obviously it is not working!! He also has a hard time staying in his seat. Do you know what his teacher does to 'try' and keep him in his seat? She puts a hula hoop around his desk. Guess what? It doesn't work either. I feel sorry for his teacher. She will probably be glad when goes to first grade!! My hubby Nick says he is too funny to get on to. I told him to wait until we have kids, they may be worse! I'll leave you with a photo of my dear nephew Alex, again. You tell me if he looks like a kid who gets 25 swats in one year at school. May I remind you that school is not out yet!! :)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy Days @ Work

The least favorite part of the month for me fall at the beginning and the end of each. I work at the local drugstore and we get very, very busy at these times. Of course, this is the time for people to start going on vacation and some of our employees are still in college and they have finals this week. So we had one on vacation and 2 leaving work to go to school. So that left the Pharmacist and poor little old me to finish the day. It totally stunk. But everything went well, believe it or not!! I've learned that there is nothing you can do about sick people but try and make them feel better. Well at least that is my thinking. :) Anyways check out the photos that I love so dearly of my nephew, Alex. When I get down and grouchy these are the photos that make me smile the most.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday's Are A Blast

Today was the last day of our Daniel Bible study by Beth Moore. Might I say very very good. If you have not had the chance to do this study. I hope that I will continue to be a Daniel in our Babylon today. I will truly miss this study. I just love anything that will throw in some prophecy in anywhere!!

On another note, Nick and I also went to a cookout at his Mom and Dad's after my study was over. We had a blast! Most of his family was there. We played volleyball, bad mitten, croquet, yes croquet, and we ate hamburgers and hot dogs. YUM YUM. We also had our first homemade ice cream of the year. Might I say very tasty to the Aunt who made it!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ordinary Day's

Today was just another ordinary day. Work, Work, Work. Although, Nick is going to take me to the movies!! Yeah!!!!!! We are huge Will Ferrell fans and Blades of Glory is on!!! It is supposed to be very funny!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for a God who forgives me for all things no matter how bid or small. I am thankful for my husband, family, friends, and co-workers. I am thankful for a church family who love Nick and I, and let us serve where we can. I am really thankful for our Pastor and his family because they do so much for our church.