Thursday, August 20, 2009


I don't even know where to begin. I have never felt the love of my Savior like I have today. Nick does not have MS for now. His symptoms seem to be an isolated incident and the doctor wants to follow up with him in three months for another MRI to make sure all is still clear.

I just have to thank all of our families, church family, friends, and people I don't even know who prayed and fasted for Nick today. We felt your prayers today and I don't even know where to begin to thank you for everything!

I had to pray Nick out of our home today! I had to pray him out of our car to get in the doctors office. He just knew that he would be devastated today. The Lord and the prayers of all of you helped him face what he would face today.

God is still in the miracle making business and I believe with all my heart that this was a miracle. I told Nick in the waiting room that I believed that my God could change the writing on his chart. He did not have a disease until he said you had a disease. In the words of my Mother-in-Law, "You claim the victory now!" I just have to say that I do claim the victory! I believe that my God chose today as Nick's healing day! My God is awesome.

When Dr. R. told us that it was not MS I could have jumped into his lap and gave him such a big hug. Don't know what he would have thought but I did keep my composure. {grin,snort,laugh!}

You may not want to know this but as soon as we started to leave the doctors office I needed to go potty. Nick went on to the car. As soon as the door closed I had my shouting fit and mass text message fit! I'm pretty sure that I have never done anything like that before. When I got to the car Nick was crying and of course I asked him what was wrong and he said I am so relieved. ('s pretty hard for me not to just sob uncontrollably when my hubby is crying} I told him, "I told you that our God would take care of you!"

"For nothing is impossible with God!" {Luke 1:37}

That's my story and I'm stickn' to it! Much love and gratitude to you all! We are truly blessed more than we deserve.!


4 blessings:

Anonymous said...

As I was praying for you guys today, I had a sense of peace that God would get great glory from this. And He has, and will continue. May many come to know him as Savior as you testify to his greatness! Love you guys!

Amy Poore McGaugh said...

That is awesome news!! I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall for the screaming fit!! LOL :) So happy for you, Nick, and Baby (who is growing up so fast) Andrew...

Karri said...

Hallelujah!!! Oh I am so happy for you guys. To Him be the glory! I'm gonna go eat some chocolate and have a cup of coffee now (that's what I was fasting). HAHA! Love yall!

The Ledbetters said...

Oh my gosh that just brought tears to my eyes!!!! I am so proud that both of you leaned on God during this time. God will never forsake his children, that I am a firm believer. When times get tough we just have to trust that He will always take care of us.

And I totally would have jumped on the doctor and given him a hug ;-) And I can't help but to sob along with my hubby when he does, its because we are ONE in Christ.

Love you lots and I will definitely not to forget to say a Thank You prayer when I get done typing!!!!