Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Few New Pictures To Share........ baby has been sick for the
last week or so and that is why I haven't posted.
I thought I would share some new photos of
my chunky little monkey!


Eating a Banana Puff for the first time......


Eating a Cheerio for the first time...He was sick
so we had to give him a little treat!


Trying Granny's Chicken Dressin' for the first time.....


Thinking he is big stuff standing in
the pack and play!

3 blessings:

Cheryl said...

What do you mean "thinking he is big stuff"? He is BIG STUFF! Come on now, that is a really big acomplishment!!hahaha I just can't believe how big he is already! Great pics!

Deedra said...

Cute-T-Pie!!! He is growing so fast!

Natalie said...

We love those banana puffs at our house too!!