Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Five years ago, this past February, I sat in a waiting room with my family and pastor waiting to hear from my mom who had just under gone surgery to remove a mass from one of her ovaries. We were waiting to hear the big 'C' word come out of the doctors mouth and of course it did. You see this mass was the size of a basketball.

I will never forget the day she went for her annual check up. I was at work and my sister called to tell me that the doctor was pretty sure it was cancer. In that instant I felt such anger and I felt helpless. I knew there was nothing I could do for her except pray for her and be there for her. If you know my mother you know that she is such a wonderful person and strong willed at that! I knew that she would fight this to the bitter end! In fact that is what she told me.

I believe I got a little selfish with the whole situation. I begged and pleaded with God that He just couldn't have her, Not yet!! I was getting married in three months and she just had to be there. I had not had any kids and she needed to see my kids! There are too many things I needed her for! Me, Me, Me...........

It took me a while to except that it was in 'HIS' hands!

Yes, she had cancer. Yes, I knew she would have to go through chemo. Yes, I knew her hair would fall out. Yes, I knew that this would be so hard on her. But my Mother is a fighter. My mother WILL defeat this!

Although she had her good and bad days, and yes her hair fell out,(When we went to look for a wig for her I couldn't even watch her try them on! She still had hair! She didn't need a wig!) she chose not to complain. I rarely heard her say anything at all about any ailments that she might have had! This is my Mother! Strong to the core! Not afraid of the big 'C' word! FEARLESS!

So with that said, she was at my wedding. She has seen my precious son.

My Mother has been cancer free for five years this month!

We are still looking for a cure. If you haven't been checked, GET CHECKED! It could save your life!

4 blessings:

Anonymous said...

Aw, Melissa, it is hard for me to type through tears. I have chills too. I would have felt the same exact way you did, and on the Mom side, I want to be around for my kids weddings and grandkids. I firmly believe in annual checkups!

Angela said...

You most certainly do have one of the BEST moms in the world! She is one of the most precious people that I know!

I remember that day like it was yesterday...There is no way to ever tell you what an inspiration that she is to me! I love her dearly!

She gave me a devotion book that sits on my desk as I type this and I read it every day! And I love this book so much that I have probably bought 50 of them to give away myself! I also read the inside cover...It simply says "To Angela, I love you Marcie!"

She is a ROCK! And even though she has endured a lot of hard times, she still knows who is holding her hand through it all!

One of the things that I miss most is hearing her sing in the choir!

I love you all!

Anonymous said...

My dear baby girl. What a sweet post. Fearless, I am not so sure of
that, but I am truly blessed.


Love You,


Cheryl said...

Great tribute to your Mom, Melissa. A great tribute for a great person. She is such a blessing to our church. I love watching her smiling face as she sings and she has a beautiful voice. I can only say nice things about her because she is really someone you can be very proud of. I am thankful HE healed her. I got a great picture of her and Andrew, when I got home I realized my card was missing from my camera!! Ouch!! I was so mad. I'll try again soon. Have a good weekend!